Search in China




Search in China


Gouming is searching for his birth parents in China. Or better say: he wants to make himself traceable for them. These are the things he did:



Baby Come Home 宝贝回家

The website (baby come home) is a civilian initiative, providing a free service for parents to search for their missing children. It is the largest website for missing children, having more than 50.000 profiles of missing children, more than 20,000 volunteers and a free DNA-testing possibility. Since the start in 2007 1675 families have been reunited. Chinese language only. Nowadays it has full support of the Chinese government and the police. The website is focussing on child trafficking and disappearances of children, not on the abandonment of children due to the one child policy.


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Wait for me 等着我

Weekly show on national TV, helping people finding their beloved ones. Using social media to ask the public to help in the quests.

Gouming has subscribed himself for the show and he has met people working for it, but he was not invited for the show They did publish his story on their social media.




Research China

Initiative of American based adoption parents to gather information, statistics, and insight into China adoptions. They offer an Orphanage Reliability Analysis to help determine the accuracy of your child's orphanage information and a Birth Parent Search Analysis to help you decide whether or not to pursue a search for your child.They have some people in China with a lot of knowledge about searching for your roots, they have helped Gouming as well.


Local Media

Local media was very much interested in Goumings story. By visiting the towns, and searching fo rthe telephone numbers,he just called the media outlets and told them their story. Most of the media were interested.